Dear Dr. Archacki,

“Thank you for giving me back my smile.
I consider myself to be a dental cripple and after moving to Florida almost 10 years ago, I was desperate to find a good dentist, let alone a great one. After interviewing two dentists who I dismissed as being sub-par, I was in a panic when I developed a true dental emergency. Luckily for me, a dental hygienist at one of those offices had whispered your name to me. She told me that she saw some quality dentistry coming out of your office. I called your office and was surprised when you answered the phone. After listening to my tale of woe, you stated that your office was closed that day, but welcomed me to come by and you would take a look. Well, you patched me up that day, and have been caring for me and restoring my mouth for the last 8 years.
Because of my dental history, and my training as a Registered Nurse, I consider myself a good judge of the dental profession. I have nothing but praise for your knowledge, expertise, level of competency and professionalism. But it goes well beyond that. You and your staff have shown me such caring, compassion and empathy that there are not words to express my thanks and gratitude.
It’s hard for my friends and family, especially my husband who has experienced my journey of disappointing dental history and outcomes, to believe that when my case was completed and my work schedule did not allow me to come in, you opened your office in the evening for me so that I would not have to go through another week-end without my completed case.
Again, Dr. Archacki, thank you for giving me back my smile”
With deepest gratitude, Cookie


"He involved my husband and myself at all levels of the decision making process. His mastery of his art and his calm voice and sense of humor put us at ease. He is a wonderful man and a true professional.

When I go to appointments, Terry his receptionist greets me with a smile and makes me feel at home. She has a wonderful sense of humor, that is infectious. She makes scheduling and follow-ups stress free and any waiting easy with her understanding way.

Dr. Archacki’s oral hygienist Theresa is just as easy going, and calm. I always come away from a cleaning with a confident smile. I can very happy with my smile and the ongoing relationship with Dr. Archacki and his staff.”

Sincerely, Vicki

"Dear Dr. Archacki:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the beautiful work….or should I say “artistry” that you recently completed in my mouth! It seems as though I want to start smiling the minute my feet hit the ground in the morning, and love to look in the mirror at my reflection!!!

On a serious note, I want to thank you for your professional approach to creating my beautiful smile….you were so gentle, and kept me informed all the while you were installing the porcelain crowns. Your insistence on perfection made be more relaxed about the fact that I was making a major monetary investment in my mouth.

It has been such a pleasure to be a patient of your Practice, from the moment you enter the office, to your Hygienist and her great work. I look forward to telling my friends and colleagues and give you some referrals!”

Kind Regards,

Bozena Mazurek


“I was born with very crooked teeth and an overbite. As a youth the idea of correcting my teeth was not even an option. I simply acknowledged the fact that I would have to accept myself as I was. I joined the Navy, served in Vietnam and after serving 6 years I left and began working as an auto mechanic and as a Scuba Dive boat captain.

During this period of my life I decided to look into what options were available to fix my teeth. Braces were out of the question. Four different specialists told me that major surgery involving cutting up my jawbone was the only way. A total cost could not be estimated until a surgeon cold begin the process in order to determine the extent of work needed. The cost to “start” the process would be at least $15,000.00. So for the next 40 years the only time I went to a dentist was to get a cavity taken care of.

In the 1990′s, I first met Dr. Paul Archacki on a dive. He dove with me for about 15 years. During one particular trip, a wisdom tooth that had been bothering me for months started hurting worse than ever before Dr. Paul happened to be onboard. Up until this time I was not aware that Dr. Paul was a dentist. Noticing my discomfort, he asked me what was wrong. After a quick look he said to me and I quote “Stop trying to be Rambo, come to my office and let me take a look at things.

The first appointment was to be a consult so Dr. Paul could evaluate my dental needs. I had 3 charters scheduled for the day so our meeting was set early in the morning. After his initial shock at what he saw and realizing how much pain I had endured over a long period of time as a result from the infections caused by my deteriorating wisdom teeth, he simply said ‘those wisdom teeth are coming out right now. To which I replied But….but…I have to run charters all day, can’t this wait a few more days? Dr. Paul simply commented that the procedure would be quick and wouldn’t produce any more pain than what I was now used to. As he began preparing his instruments and prepping me for the extractions, he continued to casually chat me up in order to distract my mind from thinking too much about what he was about to do. The extractions were done so quickly and painlessly that I was able to run all of my scheduled charters that day and evening.

Going to Dr. Paul is like going to visit a friend. He gets to know his patients and loves having a captured audience for his funny comments and jokes. He is professional and stays current on new techniques in Prosthodontics. He knows his craft well and works efficiently and will work hard to help create a plan to meet patient’s needs in stages if necessary. Just as Dr. Paul put his trust in me to take care of him while diving in open waters, I trust him to take care of my dental health.

In January 2011 I went to Dr. Paul for a root canal. During the visit, he mentioned that there had been a lot of changes in the Prosthodontics field and would I be interested in discussing what could be done about my buck teeth. My reply was that after 50 years of living with them, I thought I would rather spend $30,000.00 on a boat than my teeth. He again reiterated that new technology provided several options I could financially consider that were less invasive.

Let me just say that there isn’t a boat to be had that could make me smile as much as I have since I started the process. I smile all the time, my customers and friends have noticed and I never knew something as simple as a smile cold affect one’s self-esteem so positively. I have always worked hard to be the best at what I do and now I do my best with a smile.

Dr. Paul took the time to be more than just my dentist. In getting to know me, he realized that for 50 years my attitude about my teeth was something I had simple decided to live with. And he never challenged my beliefs instead he simply nudged me enough to start thinking “What IF?”

I consider Dr. Paul a friend and a great dentist who makes time to educate his patients and answer questions. I strongly recommend setting an appointment with him.”

Regards, Steve H.

West Palm Beach, Florida

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Boynton Beach Office

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Office is open Saturday by appointment only.

More Info Directions (561) 736-1177